Class Descriptions

*Beginner/Gentle: A slower paced class of gentle stretching, balancing and strengthening combined with restorative poses to relax the body, mind and spirit.

*Power Flow Sculpt: A yoga class that will warm up the body and move you through balancing, stretching and strengthening, targeting the core with additional strength exercises.

*Yin Yoga: A relaxing, meditative practice that targets the connective tissue in the fascia, ligaments, tendons. Holding postures for a few minutes allows deep opening of the body primarily the hips, back and legs.

*Faith Flow: a Christian based practice incorporating Christian music and bible verses and prayer into a yoga class of stretching, balancing and strengthening the body, mind and spirit. Everyone welcome.

*Yoga for Tennis and Golf: A practice specifically geared to even out the body of the athlete, stretching hips, shoulders and the spine, through a combination of standing stretches, balancing and seated postures.

*Kids Yoga: 45 minutes of stretching, breathing and directed play using games and child-friendly movements. Helping with attention and body awareness, strength and balance.

*Stand Up Padleboard Yoga: YES YOU CAN- and it is so fun!!

*Chair Yoga: Stretching and strengthening from a seated position and using a chair for stability.

*Private: Small group, semi-private and private classes available. Contact me to arrange.